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    • Helps Reduce Bloating And Other Stomach Problems
    • Helps Relieve Asthma
    • May Lower Blood Pressure Levels
    • May Relieve Menstrual Pain
    • Reduces Headaches
    • Can Heal Insect Bites And Stings
    • May Help Bring A Glow On Your Face

    Product Description:-

    Asafoetida Powder. Also known as Hing, asafoetida is a staple of Northern Indian vegetarian cooking. It has a unique smell and flavor—unpleasantly strong while raw but mellow and allium-like when sauteed in ghee.

    Asafoetida Powder. A dried latex that comes from the taproot of several species of plants, notably Ferula asa-foetida or Ferula foetida, asafoetida is an inherently Indian spice. It is powerfully flavored and has a very strong scent.