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SIDHA KISAN SE & the promise of 'Gau Sanskriti'

SIDHA KISAN SE is inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala, and it's work towards the revival of Bharat's ancient Gau Sanskriti, where Gaumata ('Cow' as the Divine Mother) was at the center of all life activities including nutrition, healthcare, agriculture, business, and education. If Bharat (India) is to occupy Her rightful position on the world stage as envisioned in the Veda's, as the 'Jagat Guru', producing 'sattvik ahar' or nutrition with Divine harmonizing & energizing qualities assumes great significance. Of equal significance is the necessity of bringing prosperity back to farmers and rural households.  

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Our dream and mission -'Samruddh Kisan,Samruddh Bharat'
In modern times, farmers do not enjoy the same level of prosperity and social status they once did in ancient Bharat. In those days, people believed in the maxim, 'Uttam kheti, madhyam vyapar, kanishth naukri', ie among the professions farming is the best, followed by trading and finally service or employment. However, with the advent of the so-called modern 'Knowledge Economy', this maxim has reversed with farming currently considered the least remunerative of all professions. We think this is a grave mistake which needs to be corrected urgently.

The modern economy has developed new materials, tools, and techniques that have apparently lead to a near term increase in food production. However, this has also had devastating effects on longer-term soil fertility, the environment, and the food chain, with toxic chemicals severely affecting farmer as well as consumer health. This has also burdened the farmer with additional costs making most of the farming activities economically unviable. Modern economic systems have further made it more complicated for farmers to find a good price for what they produce. On the other hand, consumers end up paying a high price for food products whose quality is often suspect.

At a broader level as part of our Group's focus, we work with farmers to help them turn to natural farming by sharing our research as well as resources. With SIDHA KISAN SE, by using modern advances in technology as well as our extensive experience of natural product markets, we intend to transform the way food is bought and sold in the country. Consistent with our vision of 'Samruddh Kisan, Samruddh Bharat', we aim to bring farmers and consumers closer together, in a way that consumers find products that adhere to the highest levels of purity & authenticity, while farmers enjoy higher prices for their produce.

Under the SIDHA KISAN SE initiative, Suryan Organic offers you an opportunity to buy genuine, pure and authentic natural commodities directly from farmers who are part of our growing network of thousands of trusted and ethically growing natural farmers. SIDHA KISAN SE results in higher realization for the farmer and better quality as well as a greater assurance of product to the buyer.