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SIDHA KISAN SE is inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala, and it's work towards the revival of Bharat's ancient Gau Sanskriti. SIDHA KISAN SE intends to transform the way food is bought and sold in the country by bringing farmers and consumers closer to each other.

Under the SIDHA KISAN SE initiative, Suryan Organic offers you an opportunity to buy genuine, pure and authentic natural commodities directly from farmers who are part of our growing network of thousands of trusted and ethically growing natural farmers.









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Behind the scenes of the natural and ethical manufacturing at our factory

What the eyes don’t see, the mind doesn’t believe. And that’s why we are taking you on a tour of our factory where you can see for yourself how every product of ours is made without any preservatives, using only the best of products, hand-packaged and ultimately delivered to you and for you, with love.

We welcome you to visit our stores or website for products that support 'Go Adharit Jeevan Shailee'

SOSE is inspired by the mission of @bansigir which is working to revive Bharat's ancient 'Go Sanskriti', and regain its past glory.

A Go Adharit Jeevan Shailee can bring changes in the fields of nutrition, health, agriculture and education.

At our gaushala, we aim to make sure that our Mother and her calf are given enough respect and care so that they are able to live in utmost bliss.

They are provided the best and nutritious food and that too with free feeding which in turn ensures that the milk we are consuming via them is also full of nutrients and doesn’t have any preservatives.

The milking process is also done in such a Vedic, non-exploitative manner there is enough for her child too.

The Jeevans Shailee is centred around promoting and placing emphasis on Go Adharit Ahar (Food & Nutrition), Go Adharit Krishi (Agriculture & Environment) Go Adharit Chikitsa (Health & Medicine), Go Adharit Shikshan (Education & Culture), Go Adharit Arthavyavastha (Economics & Abundance).

From Bharat (India) to your homes, Sidha Kisan Se...

Farmers belong to Bharat (India) and Bharat (India) is made by the farmers.

It is this very belief that guides us in the pursuit of adopting and continuing ethical means of farming, one which benefits the farmers as well as the consumers who have placed faith in our products.

What makes our products ethical and natural are the farmers who sow the land.

These are the farmers who understand the harmony between nature and mankind, embrace organic rhythms that echo the ancient whispers of Mother Earth.

With reverence, they till the land, guided by an intrinsic knowledge of soil health and biodiversity, nurturing ecosystems that breathe life into their crops.

And that’s why everything that you consume from our stores, comes directly from the farmers.


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We are committed to quality and each of our facility is independently certified by an industry-accredited agency.

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